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Sri Arts: Indian, Himalayan and Tibetan Sacred Art
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Objects of a functional nature, be they used in Ceremonial or every day use. Tibetan furniture, Indonesian furniture, oil lamps, Textiles, boxes or containers, utilitarian items, etc. RS200.jpg DewiSri-200.jpg

Dayak Art
Ceremonial Ladle
Borneo, Dayak Putu Sibau
14 1/2'' long

Javanese Art
Ritual Spear
Java, Indonesia
Iron, Wood
54cm., 21 1/2'' high

Balinese Art
Dewi Sri
Wood, Polychrome
30 1/2cm, 12'' tall

Alter_table200.jpg SBB200.jpg Print.block200.jpg

Tibetan Furniture
Altar Table
Wood, polychrome
circa 20cm high, 30cm wide, 15cm deep

Indonesian Art
Betel Leaf Holder
Borneo (Kalimantan)
circa 12cm diameter, 7cm deep

Print Block
Tibetan Art
22cm x 15cm

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