The Sri Arts Story

Sri Asian Arts began as Seven Heavens Trading Company over twenty five years ago. Though it has undergone many incarnations, the direct import and sale of Asian, Primitive Arts and Antiques from Tibet, Nepal, India, Burma, Cambodia and Indonesia has remained a constant thread. My friend Seemanta, now retired, was my first business partner and we were later joined by my wife Somadevi, now a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. We began importing high quality antique silver jewelry and textiles from India , migrating to Nepal and Tibet with Himalayan masks and statues. We then expanded to include primitive ancestor figures from Indonesia and classical Buddha statues from Southeast Asia. As the business orientation changed, the name also changed from Seven Heavens to Golden Ganesh, morphing into Mahakala and finally, to Sri Asian Arts. Through these transformations, our commitment has remained the same: to offer the highest quality antique pieces we can find at a reasonable price. All our treasures have been discovered by us in their country of origin. Exploring and enjoying the exotic cultures of Asia has, after all, always been the whole point of our endeavor. We have been a long standing direct source for many Galleries, Art Dealers and Collectors. We have exhibited at various major Ethnographic, Tribal Arts, and Asian Arts shows in Santa Fe, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

Somnath is a given name from my years of searching and finding various spiritual teachers. I was born as Edward Glick in the Bronx, New York, and came of age in The Village of Manhattan in the 60's. After spending ten years as the vice-president and director of the Option Trading and Bond Trading department of a major Wall Street firm, I resigned in 1973 and went out to explore the world, and myself in the process. I bought a Land Rover in England with Seemanta, outfitted it in Amsterdam and drove it accross the Sahara desert and through the continent of Africa for over two years. Upon return to Europe, we bought a Deux Chevaux in Paris. We drove it through Turkey, Iran, Afganistan and Pakistan and ended up spending six years in India riding the spiritual path and collecting exquisite treasures. This journey also took me to live in Bali and Japan before returning to the United States in 1982, settling in Santa Fe, where the business began flourishing in earnest. In 1993, Somadevi and I moved to the island of Bali for two years, then to India again for another three. We moved back to the West in 1998 and settled in Boulder, Colorado where we have been living since.